ATX ALERT: Feds issue emergency alert ordering law enforcement to prepare for attack !


Austin, Texas, Braces for al-Qaeda Terrorist Attack

Lets hope this is just a rumor or a form of fear mongering!

– Law enforcement agencies in Texas have received a special threat advisory based on information provided by the Department of Homeland Security indicating Austin, Texas, has been singled out for a terrorist attack on Friday, August 9. Pasadena, California, is also mentioned in the advisory.

The document was provided to by sources in the Texas State Police on Thursday evening.
“According to anonymous reporting, a group of trained terrorists are planning to conduct attacks in Austin, Texas and Pasadena, California at the conclusion of the Ramadan period,” the document marked for official and law enforcement use states.

The advisory claims unspecified terrorists or a terrorist group will emulate the Boston bombing by using backpack explosives. The target is said to be 6tth Street in Austin, a popular tourist attraction that is crowded on weekends.-

“Additionally, the group plans to attack a school and theological seminary in the downtown Austin area and complete the attack with operations at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.”

If August 8-9 is not a viable for an attack, the terrorists will carry out their operation on August 29, according to the alert.

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And yes I know it’s crazy infowars that is breaking this story, but don’t just blow it off as usual. The word infowars or Alex Jones have synonymously become words meaning conspiracy and people wearing tin foil hats who think a little to much!

What do I say to people like that?

“I’d rather be prepared for nothing than unprepared for something…”