I just cannot take the HATE anymore. Who are we and why are we here as these spiritual beings living out this human experience? Why are we so mean to one another? When did power, money and prestige become more important than honor, truth, trust and love? Who are we anymore? Will we ever change? I fear for my children’s future. I know God is there with them (I am a Christian, whatever your faith, please replace your taught religious beliefs with your own words because I don’t do the religion thing and bless all of you). I have my own personal relationship with my Creator that I cry to asking why, why, why? All these wars and murder for power, control and money. All this division which just creates more hate and corruption. Will there ever be peace on this Earth? Will we ever be able to just accept each other’s differences …..that does not mean condoning them, just accepting them with love instead of hate? Is there any hope left for this human race on this planet called Earth? If I’ve made any grammar errors, please forgive me as I am in a very sad mood at this moment. Thank you for hearing his message as I am praying for change ….real change ….where values, character and truth become more important than who you know, how much you have and what can someone do for you instead of what you can do for them.

via A Sheep No More