Exactly! The justices will weasel their way out of a verdict on California’s Prop 8 and will let it fall onto the earlier Ninth Circuit Courts ruling that it is unconstitutional.

The big momentous ruling will be on DOMA and it’s blatant discrimination of fellow same-sex couples that are Americans just like opposite sex couples. What would this tell everyone?It means, that under our system of law, Every citizen is treated and judged fairly, regardless of who they are. Equal Justice Under The Law is a free market principle. “Government must treat everyone! That’s its main job to make sure all Americans are treated equally and fair! If only govt would do what it was established to do!

And before anyone says to me that government should get out of marriage all together, which I do agree, the fact is,that govt is involved and as long as I’m paying the same Damn taxes as everyone else, I will have what many already do! The only difference is I WON’T BE GETTING A DIVORCE!

“The consensus view: The justices will limit the expansion of gay marriage rights to California, with few if any implications for the rest of the country. Only on the Defense of Marriage Act, most agree, will the court strike a broad blow against discrimination by striking down the ban on federal benefits for married same-sex couples.”


Honestly Federally is all that really matters when it comes to the benefits and protections of marriage! Texas and any state that chooses to not recognize my marriage, can shove it up their A$$!!!

– E