Extensive List of Politicians Paid Off by Monsanto

Democrat, Republican, it doesn’t matter. As long as you can help Monsanto slide its icy tentacles into the food chain, then there’s some financial tip available to you. Thankfully, many such ties can be exposed through some data digging, and thanks to diligent readers who send comprehensive news tips and other researchers out there, we now have an extensive list of politicians getting paid cold hard cash from GMO juggernaut Monsanto.

Keep in mind these are the figures we know, which means that behind the scenes expect these numbers to multiply extensively.

***FIRE ALL OF THESE BUMS!! If we had an honest election process, perhaps it would be possible to elect someone who can stand for non-toxic food, but the media determines who gains attention, the candidates require immense amounts of money to run for office, and the electronic ballots & tabulators determines the outcomes. Government by the consent of the people is just a popular fiction. – kdtroxel***

SOURCE: What Really Happened