The sensory deprivation tank, also known as an isolation chamber, is a modern day relaxation therapy that has been gaining widespread attention for its remedial and healing benefits for the mind and soul. The concept of the isolation tank is a take on the practice of mediation, for it forces the participant to let go of all external sensory stimuli to focus on the infinite universe that is within.

The tank is filled with water which is harmonized to the same temperature as the surface of the skin. The water is heavily salted with Epsom salt, making it extremely dense and allowing for the person to float on their backs with their nose and mouth above the water to allow breathing. The participant enters the tank nude, and because of the precisely correlated temperature of the water and the skin the person is led to feel as though they are floating in mid-air. There is no light that enters the chamber, and likely there is no external sound that can be heard. The user is cut off from outward sensory stimuli, and after relaxing into the environment is absorbed into a concentrated mediation.

The environment allows for the person to easily slip into an altered state of consciousness, and with practice through successive sessions users report being able to explore deeper and deeper aspects of their psyche and consciousness with improved efficiency each time. As a person gets better at letting go a bit more each time, they come to a point where they release the attachments to identity, and by doing so become connected to a source of energy and awareness like never before.

Within the first 15-20 minutes users report experiences wherein they observe themselves and their lives with a new transparency, gaining clarity on things such as their behavior, relationships, and thought patterns. As time goes on within the chamber, the mind and soul become completely segregated from the body, wherein some can experience the `god-head`, or the feeling of complete oneness with the universe and the source of love and light.

via SOTF


I wonder if I can create this same atmosphere in my bathroom?
It’s pretty peaceful and quiet out here in the country! 🙂