It’s stories like these that prove to me that humanity is not totally lost! And for that I am so thankful!
So much of what I post comes in the form of bad news, and I know that, but would you rather me keep you in wonderland or would you rather be prepared and aware? If you like wonderland, then this site is not for you! I’m passed the rabbit hole!

But now on to some good and remarkable news! The kind that touches your heart and may even thaw a Neo-cons cold blooded heart! 🙂

– When Katie Stagliano, from South Carolina, was just nine years old, she planted a cabbage seedling that grew to change her life. In fact, when it weighed an astounding two-and-a-half stone, she knew it was destined for greater things than her own kitchen.

So, the cabbage was harvested, hoisted onto her father’s truck and delivered to a nearby soup kitchen, where it fed 275 people. “If one cabbage can feed that many,” Katie thought, “imagine how many people a whole garden could feed.”

Saddened by seeing families having to queue for their only meal of the day, she set up Katie’s Krops. Run as a non-profit organisation and supported by donations and grants, its aim is to create as many vegetable plots as possible and yield enough food to regularly feed hundreds of people, as well as inspire others to set up similar schemes. Her approach is proven: “we can all help because it only takes a seedling!”

Palmetto House, a shelter that offers living space to 30 residents – including 12 children – and three meals a day, was already on Katie’s delivery route. However, staff realised they had enough land to grow produce onsite. A plot was marked out, residents helped till the soil, and a professional gardener volunteered her expertise to advise Katie on how to make the space most productive.

via World Truth

This girl is a Lightworker!