Homophone Mind Control?


In the book Ultimate Mind Control the author explains the many ways to manipulate and control the masses. One of those ways as explained in the book is through homophones. Homophones are often used to create puns and deceive the reader.

Excerpt from the book Ultimate Mind Control:

20130511-021903.jpg( Thanks to Danny Wilten for bringing this to my attention )

The Sodom 👬 and Saddam 👳 deliberately pronunciation is interesting and makes a lot of sense when you look at what party is saying it and trying to make a connection as “EVIL.” And we thought that it was just Bush being a “DUMB COWBOY.” 👏

The Republican Party relentlessly fights against marriage equality based on who an individual has sex with and not who an individual loves. How do they know these people are having sex? Do they have any evidence, pictures? What a way to say that gays are just as evil as a terrorist!
Even worse, in one GOP state legislators eyes.

GOP state legislator: Homosexuality worse than terrorism

Complete MORON!