“Discrimination Is The Right Thing To Do!” Are These Words of Hate?


Who said these words you ask? These hateful and despicable words were spoken by American Family Associations spokesman Bryan Fischer! While he has a right to express and practice his 1st amendment rights it doesn’t make it anymore right! Hiding behind the word family is not only laughable but pathetic and now I am going to practice my freedom of speech rights!

Discrimination goes hand in hand with hate, and there’s no buts about it! This is why AFA has already been classified as a hate group based on the exact ideas that their spokesman has publicly expressed! What’s the difference between the AFA and the KKK? Both discriminate and condemn another group of people based on their own beliefs and views. Both feel they are superior to anyone that doesn’t agree with them. Both fund and support the oppression of other particular groups of people and fight for discriminatory legislation any chance they get! I see no difference! If I said that discriminating against straight people was the right thing to do would that be considered hate? How about if I said that discriminating against people for the color of their skin was the right thing to do, would that not be hate? I hope you can see that it’s the same thing by discriminating against the gay community based on a characteristic some people don’t like or agree with! Do you?

When’s the last time you heard of a gay organization trying to fund and legislate the destruction of the American family! None that I can recall! And if I ever do come across anyone trying to, don’t think I won’t give them a piece of my mind!

People like this give gays way more power then they should if they believe that others can influence and change another persons sexual orientation by just living their lives and never having any kind of intrusion done to them or their family! You can’t catch the gay by just looking at someone or giving them the same rights as other people already have!

Just listen to the video below and you will see what I mean! So much fear in these people that they begin to make no damn sense! They forget the constitution until it comes time to benefit them in winning their argument! I don’t work that way!

Either your a constitutionalist or your not! Can’t pick and choose what to obey and follow and ignore what you want like many do with the bible!

That just ain’t going to fly!