Sharyl Attkisson tweets House report; Reveals Hillary Clinton lied under oath about Benghazi; Update: WH altered talking points


Looks like Hilary Clinton got CAUGHT LYING by claiming that she had never seen the cables in question. The requested additional security by Benghazi was not induced but reduced.

How are you going to get out of this one Mrs. Clinton? You did plain lie under oath! Isn’t that a crime?

Will anyone come to her defense like they did for then President Bill Clinton when White House Counsel Charles Ruff declared, “There is only one question before you, albeit a difficult one, one that is a question of fact and law and constitutional theory. Would it put at risk the liberties of the people to retain the President in office? Putting aside partisan animus, if you can honestly say that it would not, that those liberties are safe in his hands, then you must vote to acquit.”

What a crock of shit, the people will be just fine without these corrupted government liars!