Yup this time IT’S PERSONAL! I hear all the time that I shouldn’t take it personal that people want to dictate my life! Well it’s not going to work this time! Would you take it personal if I fought to make divorce illegal and made you stay in a marriage you didn’t want anymore? Would you? How would that make you feel that I’m trying to tell you and your family how it’s going to be because of my own personal beliefs that divorce is a sin? Would you stand for it? Would you tell me to go fu$# myself and that I have no business interfering in your life and I should mind my own business? I would hope you would, and that’s why I am fighting for my life and my family.

Equality has never been popular when it comes to different minority groups, and throughout history the bible has been used in a way it shouldn’t to condone such behaviors like slavery and women’s rights or interracial marriage. Many believe its not the same in gay rights because we choose to be this way, but you are wrong and that’s all ill say about that! It’s not the same to you because its not happening to you! What rights are you being denied in let’s say the last 10 years? It is selfish to think that I don’t deserve what you have and think that “we’ll I got what I wanted so I’m good.” Imagine if all those people that opposed different issues on equality would have won! What a world it would be right?

Now in 2013 you have a chance to be a part of a new issue of equality! You have a chance to be on the right side of history! You have a chance to tell your grandchildren that you weren’t prejudice and didn’t discriminate, because they will not understand why it was such a big deal in the first place. The only thing I can truly compare this to is how we look at what a big deal interracial marriage was and how we look at those people today as crazy and narrow-minded!


So i ask you today will you stand with me and John and all of the LGBT community and sign the HRC’S MAJORITY OPINION PETITION NOW to show that you stand with the millions of people whose lives are affected by these discriminatory laws.


Sign and send your message HERE

The choice is yours!!!

On behalf of John and I and the LGBT community, thank you in advance!