Even I Missed This Story: “Armed Guard Saves School Last Month”


According to Vice President Biden, who says “Having armed guards in schools will be a terrible mistake!”

Well Mr. Biden, I completely disagree with you, and I’m sure the Middle School in Atlanta where an armed guard saved their lives would disagree with you to!

Are you shocked? Confused? What am I talking about? Is the question going through your head ” Why wasn’t this mainstream news?” Why would the MSM tell you about the positive side of guns used as protection? That would not fit their agenda one bit!

It’s sad that a gun was used by a “good” man and used in a “good” way against a “bad” guy and it goes completely ignored!

Combing through the mainstream media on google left me with few results covering the story.

This is the best I could find:

Armed guard disarms shooter at Georgia middle school

So Biden and anyone that agrees with him on not placing armed guards in schools, I ask you this ” Would those Atlanta school kids be alive today if it wasn’t for the “good” man with a gun?”

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