The Colorado “Ass” Advance Strictest Gun-Control In Years!


Lawmakers advanced Colorado’s strictest gun proposals in recent memory, during marathon debate in a state caught between a history of horrific shootings and a Western heritage where gun ownership is a daily part of life for many.

“We can make as many laws as we want. Until we change the hearts of man, they’re going to continue to do evil things,” said Republican Sen. Scott

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The following is a quick look on what was passed in Colorado Last night.

• ​Online gun certification: ​Senate Bill 195, banning online certification for concealed carry permits and requiring people to attend classes in person — advances in Senate

• ​Liability for “assault”-style weapons: Senate Bill 196, holding manufacturers and sellers of semiautomatic weapons liable for violence committed with them — ​killed by sponsor

• ​Gun ban for domestic abusers: Senate Bill 197, banning certain domestic violence abusers from owning guns — advances in Senate

• Limits on high-capacity ammunition:​ House Bill 1224, limiting gun ammunition magazines to 15 rounds but amended to not outlaw the “standard shotgun” — ​advances in Senate

​• Gun ban on college campuses: ​House Bill 1226, banning concealed weapons on college campuses — ​killed by sponsor

​• Background check fee:​ House Bill 1228, requiring gun buyers to pay for their own background checks — ​advances in Senate

• Universal background checks:​ House Bill 1229, requiring background checks for all gun transfers, including private sales — ​advances in Senate

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– Is Colorado the so-called “NWO” One World Govt’s beta test market? Is this the outline that will be used and spread across the nation?

What do you think of Colorado’s new gun measures?

Is it going to far, or do you think this is exactly what the United States needs to prevent more massacres?

In my opinion, crime will just increase as it has in Chicago and law abiding citizens will be just sitting ducks and more vulnerable to criminals that carry the very guns they were disarmed from.

You know, because killers read signs, and obey laws!

That’s All!

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