Woman Sues After Becoming Pregnant While Taking Mislabeled Birth Control Pills


According to a report from the Kansas City Star, a 33-year-old woman has filed a lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company after becoming pregnant while taking birth control pills that were later recalled due to a packaging error that could make the pills ineffective.

On Fox News tonight on the Red Eye, the panel was actually saying that because they are all pro-life that this was a good thing for the woman and that maybe this is what people need to realize when they are holding that baby that this is what they wanted all along and it’s not so bad after all. WOW! These people are complete fucking morons! If birth control prevents the world of having more idiots like this that think that they know what’s best for others and their own lives, then I’m all for it! I mean if its birth control vs. abortion, I choose pro-birth control any day !

Yeah, and I know that keeping your legs closed and mind open is really the most effective way to prevent an unwanted child from being brought into the world, but LET’S BE REAL HERE AND STOP LIVING IN A FANTASY WONDERLAND!

The woman’s lawsuit seeks compensation for health care costs, the cost of raising her now 1-year-old child, and emotional pain. The first two I agree with but emotional pain, now she’s just being greedy!!