It’s not enough to know that a food, a superfood or a supplement is organic. You also need to know the country of origin.

In today’s blockbuster article, Mike Adams exposes the unpopular truth about “organic” products from China, and why so many of them are contaminated with heavy metals, chemicals and other contaminants.

This story is already sending shockwaves across the natural products industry because it exposes a “dirty little secret” about “organic” products that nobody else is willing to disclose.

– This is why I respect this site and its not a lot of bullshit like so much is out there! Like using aspartame and promoting the use of diet soda and saying its healthy for you! I messaged her on FB and got blocked immediately for just asking if she knew the danger of the artificial sweetener!

Natural News did not have to tell anyone what they discovered and could have just went along with keeping quiet the organic industries little secret and taking in the millions!

Mike Adams didn’t sell us out and for this you have to respect that! How can you not! He just gave up millions for truth and the publics RIGHT TO KNOW!

Thank you Mike Adams!