Gun Saves Day! 2 Students Saved After 70-Year Old Coach Shoots Attackers – Another Story You Won’t Be Hearing About In National MSM


This is another story that YOU WILL NOT hear about on national mainstream media because it doesn’t fit the political agenda of ‘the powers that be’.

A 70-year old man who coaches the girls basketball team at a school in Detroit has shot two would be robbers after they attacked the trio as he walked the girls out to their cars.

I challenge the MSM to report this story and give it 1/1000th as much press as the recent ‘mass shootings’ committed by pharmaceutically drugged up kids that fit the gun grabbers agenda of disarming the masses.

“Grandma and grandpa are now packing heat” as older people take charge of their lives and protect themselves against younger thugs in Detroit and across America.

THIS is the purpose of the 2nd Amendment, to protect ourselves from thuggery, whether that thuggery takes the shape of drug-crazed teens in the streets or tyranny-crazed politicians in DC and state capitals.