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Okay, so let me make sure I’ve got this straight:

A 20-yo autistic kid whose father is a tax planner for GE Financial, which pays no taxes, steals his mother’s weapons, which she stored unsecured around her son who takes psychotropic medications and has a history of mental problems. He shoots her multiple times in the head after an altercation with her and proceeds to drive across town COMPLETELY unnoticed wearing body armor in a car registered to a petty thief and alleged drug dealer from New Jersey named Chris Rodia, containing a small arsenal of “legally acquired” stolen weapons, with his 24-year-old brother’s ID, to get revenge against his deceased mother at a school where there is no record of her ever working.

Then he enters the secured school with video cameras on the doors by shooting out a plate glass window with a small caliber round and climbing into the building, in body armor and mask, where he proceeds to shoot and kill 26 people, including 20 small children, with a .223 rifle that was found in the trunk of the car in which he arrived. In the process, he emptied multiple 30 round magazines and over 5 boxes of ammunition. The reports of two people running past the gym firing weapons and the officers on the 911 tape saying “they’re coming at me” are attributed to referencing a single shooter who killed himself inside the school, even though there was a search issued for a maroon vehicle with the back window blown out and two additional suspects were arrested on the scene, one in the woods and one near the corner of the building — none of which were ever referenced again.

The shots heard coming from the woods were explained as echoes of the gunfire inside of the brick school even though he is reported to have shot himself as first responders arrived. Initial reports stated that he was found in possession of between two and four handguns and the AR was found in his vehicle, though later the story changed to the long gun in the car being a shotgun and the AR being on his person. The school was immediately swarmed with Federal agents, and news crews are ordered to clear the airspace and cease filming the search of the woods by law enforcement, but not before the parents of survivors are shown on tape being allowed to pick up their children directly from the crime scene, right in front of the building, even though all of the surviving children were moved to the fire station next door, and police are recorded in the woods apprehending a suspect wearing clothing matching the description of the shooter.

After the fact, state troopers were assigned to the families of all the children involved and the accused shooter Adam’s brother Ryan, whose ID was in the possession of his younger brother whom he publicly stated he had not seen in over a year, was held by police for questioning and “his own safety” after the news incorrectly announced originally that he was the shooter, and local and state police immediately threatened to prosecute anyone questioning the official story for “spreading disinformation” via social media.

Seems legit …
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