No Mormon Involvement in 2012?


Great excerpt from a great article on the gay communities fight for equality with the mormon church!
As you have heard I’m sure, Obama has said he’s not going to do anything on what he promised you, but that we have to work hard and never stop fighting. Well duh Mr. President, DUH! That’s why I picked Gary Johnson on this issue! I BELIEVED AND TRUSTED HIM!

– So imagine my surprise when for the first time in 14 years the Mormon Church appears to have sat out the five anti-gay marriage elections this year (including North Carolina’s in May). Why you ask? Well, while SSM (same-sex marriage) as they refer to it in their documents is extremely important to the Mormon Chuch, having the first Mormon President of the United States trumps gay marriage any day. They did not want to become an election issue again, especially in Mitt Romney’s campaign. The Mormon Church is extremely political. They admit to having 220 people in their “Public Affairs” department alone. Records from the California investigation against them show that they had 77 full time Mormon Church employees in their Salt Lake City office working to pass Prop 8. Yes 77 Church employees! They even had to provide their names for the investigators.