GMO Prop 37-Please discontinue buying products from the red manufacturers.


Please review Prop 37 in CA for 11/06
You can print this out and carry it or put it on your fridge so that you discontinue buying from the anti-37 corporations.
GMO foods will destroy our bodies generationally and also the natural order of the earth.
So many Indian farmers have committed suicide that India has just banned any further research on GMO foods….

The fact that there is virtually no main stream oppostion, not even a “conversation” (disgusting euphemism) in mainstream media should tell you something right there….

Call or email these companies to let them know that you are no longer their customer because they did not support this referendum.
Also, email the pro-37 companies and give them positive feedback on their choice to support the initiative.

Money is the only thing that is understood in corporate america and so that is where citizens must make their stand….
Here’s a great start.
I keep mine with me so that I check before I buy.