Starting a New Column: My Favorite Non – GMO Foods!


🍎Amy’s kitchen organic, non-gmo meals are so good you don’t even realize its a frozen dinner! I love the Mexican casserole bowl ( which is also gluten free) give it a try you’ll love it!
– I only eat these when my wonderful husband can’t cook us a healthy meal from scratch at home!


🐮I don’t drink cows milk anymore because I can be lactose intolerant sometimes and I enjoy the taste of coconut milk a lot better! I’ve also started to use silks vanilla coconut coffee creamer for my one cup of coffee a night now.


🌽I love these chips, and they are good for dipping into some fresh avocado dip or into some veggie chili like I had last night!

These are just a few of my favorites I have found to be not just healthy but tasty as well!

Do you know any non-gmo foods I should try? 😉