Ron Paul and Gary John Were Right All Along: Time for America to Withdraw from the Middle East!


It’s something I truly believe. We have got to stop policing the world and not expecting more “blowback”. Many people I talk to at my work say that we can’t be friends with our enemies, but what a programmed way to think!! What if our so called enemies aren’t the problem?

-Via PolicyMic
It has been 70 years since the last time that the United States went to war after a direct threat to our national security. Regardless of your thoughts on Pearl Harbor (here are mine), it was an attack on the United States and left no option other than military intervention on the part of the United States. Since World War II ended, the U.S. implemented a vague interventionist policy whereby our leaders utilize scare tactics and media spin to tie any and all acts within any foreign country to our national security. Using this broad blanket has allowed the United States to impose our will via sanctions, military attacks, or covert operations around the globe. Of course, as we continue to play these games of physical and psychological warfare around the globe, we are bound to occasionally aid those whom we are or were in conflict with at other times, as Fox 19 reporter Ben Swann illustrated in his recent interview with President Obama. As a result, no one trusts the American government because they have seen, fought against, and worked alongside the U.S. They know firsthand what we are about “privately.”

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